10 Cool Places to Eat and Remote-Work in Dar es Salaam

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Working remotely has become a way of life in Dar es Salaam and all around the world. And while there’s no shortage of coffee shops designed specifically to let people post up with their computers, what happens when you eventually get hungry and your only option is to cook at home? Or what if your home is chaotic, and you lack a conducive environment for work, the kids are noisy, or the internet isn’t that amazing?

And that’s exactly why you should be working from a restaurant instead, if you can afford to stretch a little. While not every sit-down spot is conducive to working, the ones that offer the same perks like a coffee shop (free wifi, all-day hours), plus way more room to spread out, and food that you actually want to eat. Here are our 10 favourite places in Dar es Salaam (not in any particular order);

1. Grano Coffee

Located at Mlimani City, the largest mall in Tanzania’s commercial capital, Grano Coffee is the ideal location where you may not only have your coffee requirements met but also have your thirst satiated with a variety of other beverages!

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It is a coffee shop with the ideal ambience, best coffee blends, healthy herbal tea and smoothies, fresh juice, and finger-licking delicacies. For the Dar es Salaam residents, Grano Coffee has become synonymous with a remote-work, offering tables suitable for work, switches to plug-in devices and free WiFi.

2. Bean There Cafe

Bean There Café is a cutting-edge restaurant with a contemporary decor. While embracing nature, Bean There Cafe provides cutting-edge, contemporary interior design. This restaurant will take your breath away with its amazing food and delectable delicacies that will melt your heart. The restaurant, located on the Msasani peninsula, is in one of the richest neighbourhoods in Dar es Salaam, Oysterbay and Masaki. These districts provide stores, restaurants, beauty salons, taverns, and other entertainment options, as well as a big bazaar offering locally manufactured goods. It is also a luxury residential district, with numerous huge villas owned by members of Tanzania’s political and economic elite.

Photo: Bean There Cafe

Bean There Cafe that roasts 100% African and 100% Tanzanian coffee beans. According to them, the beans are “directly purchased from farmers to maintain ideal freshness and flavour balance,” and then roasted in Dar es Salaam and consumed within 12 hours of roasting. It also provides local, continental, and international food, making it a popular place to work for both residents and visitors. Free WiFi for 8 hours, as well as a nice seating and working environment. If you are in Dar es Salaam, you should definitely pay a visit.

3. Wild Flour – Artisan Bakery and Café

Wild Flour Bakery and Cafe is a tiny artisan bakery and cafe located within a short distance from Slipway and DoubleTree. It provides a wonderful place to chill, drink, dine, and work, as well as speciality bread, 100 per cent Tanzanian coffee, and nutritious snacks, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, pastries, and more. Even though it is not specifically designed for remote workers, it has a lovely scenic design with an African touch and helpful customer service at all times.

It also has free WiFi and a charging station for electronics, and it is located in Msasani Penisula, which is known for its high-end lifestyle in Dar es Salaam. However, what about their food? Not as pricey, but you’d still have to work within your budget and your culinary preferences. If you enjoy African delicacies, I urge that you look into the other possibilities on this list.

4. Epsilon

Epsilon is fourth on the list. Not much is known about this new restaurant, but it is located in Oysterbay, one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods of Dar es Salaam, and is completely surrounded by nature and a playing field. Wines? Cocktails? Tapas? That’s for you!

But if you’re searching for food, it’s a straight, not so good. They do, of course, provide some better delicacies, but your wallet must be deep because you can only get half the size of the food you would normally get from your favorite restaurants.

Why should you go there? It offers serenity, calmness and nature at its best. A little gateaway from the noisy Dar es Salaam, this restaurant will give you all that.

5. Orchid Cafe

Orchid is a bright and airy vintage café in Dar es Salaam that serves coffee, breakfast, pizzas, sandwiches, and more! It is one of the top-rated eateries in Oysterbay, off Haile Selasie road, a kilometre from Mbuyuni area and Ali Hassan Mwinyi road.

The cuisine is delicious, and the staff are kind. The cuisine is reasonably priced, and also provides free WiFi for people interested in remote work as it also offers a comfortable sitting arrangement.

6. Papparoti Tanzania

Pappa Roti is a Malaysian franchise in Masaki known for its delicious buns and coffee. Pappa Roti, well-known in Dubai, has captured the hearts of many with over 400 stores worldwide, providing a selection of 14 covered buns ranging from a sweet hazelnut with Nutella to a salty cheese.

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The restaurant, which will open its doors as the first franchise in East Africa in Tanzania in 2021, offers much more than buns and coffee. Pappa Roti also provides a range of other foods, as well as milkshakes, ice cream, and speciality teas. If you’re on a lunch break from work or just feeling adventurous and keen to try something new, head over to the lovely location for a bite to eat and you’ll be guaranteed satisfaction on your taste buds.

Pappa Roti is unquestionably one of the best new restaurants in Dar es Salaam, and you won’t want to miss out on the famed buns and coffee. Make a reservation at the restaurant for an out-of-this-world dining experience. It also offers a comfortable place for remote work for locals and foreigners alike.

7. Salt Restaurant Tanzania

Do you want to eat, drink, and work right close to the ocean? SALT is a restaurant with stunning oceanic views and a unique contemporary cuisine made up of exclusively fresh, natural ingredients.

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It provides room and mobility, and it is positioned just off the freshly constructed Coco Beach Road, which will eventually connect it directly to Dar es Salaam’s city centre through the Tanzanite bridge.

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The restaurant provides world-class culinary alternatives in such a variety that you should never be concerned about running out of options. Even though it was not designed with remote work in mind, but it is worth the try. I definitely suggest it as a great spot to dine and work.

8. Epidor

With its coffee shop providing a French bakery, Lebanese delicacies, freshly produced juices, and speciality coffee, Epidor is one of Dar es Salaam’s most popular breakfast and lunch eateries.

It is located in Msasani Penisula and provides a variety of services such as WiFi, large seating arrangements, and special areas where you may relax, dine and work.
If you are in Dar es Salaam and want to get away from the crowds and find a quiet area to dine and work, you should give it a go.

9. Taste Me Desserts & Café

Taste Me Desserts & Café, located at Mikocheni Plaza right off Mwai Kibaki Road, is the first Desserts Café in Dar es Salaam and Tanzania.

Breakfast options range from African to Swahili to English and are reasonably priced. It is not as tranquil as other locations on the list since it is located just off the road and in a business center, but the inner area of the restaurant is worth a try for a working environment.

10. Karambezi Cafe

The Karambezi Café is located right on the coastal cliff at the Sea Cliff Hotel, surrounded by a 180-degree view of the gorgeous Indian Ocean! You may go with friends and loved ones for the most wonderfully fresh seafood, or you can go for legendary steaks, beautifully juicy burgers, or large pizzas.

The panoramic view of the gorgeous Indian Ocean, combined “with the great work of chefs makes for a no better way – and nowhere better – to really enjoy yourself and your meal”, they brag. It is a perfect place to spend time, to eat and work, but your pockets must be deep enough. I highly recommend.


That’s all for now. I am certain that I have caught some of your favorite sites, and I am confident that you will have some excellent recommendations to go along with them. Please submit any ideas to our social media pages, @TanzaniaDaily, and we will gladly keep updating the list as we go.


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