10 Countries with the fastest internet in Africa


As Africa gears up towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the role of Internet of Things towards achieving this aim cannot be overemphasized, thus the need for improvement in ICT infrastructure across the continent.

Africa is fast developing, however, not equally, as some countries have commendable and reliable internet provider with the fastest internet speed in Africa. This has greatly influenced economic, financial, social, and general activities in those countries. Contrary to the traditional assumption that the continent is still in the stone age, data has shown more than 40% of the African continent has access to internet connectivity. Although this represents only 11.5% of the world’s Internet access, Africa’s telecommunication industry is growing faster, considering this figure was only 4% just a few years back.

Nigeria being the most populous country on the continent has the highest internet usage in Africa. However, the largest Economy in Africa doesn’t rank as number one, when it comes to the fastest internet speed on the continent. So which countries have the fastest broadband internet on the continent.

Internet and connectivity speed tester Ookla and speedtest analyse and ranks all countries in term of fastest mobile and fixed  broadband internet speed in the regular global index report.

Countries are ranked based on their speed score which incorporates a measure of each country’s total download and upload speed to rank network performance. This means 90% of the final speed score is attributed to download speed and the remaining 10% to apload spead because online experiences are typically more affected by download speed

Without further ado her are the top 10 countries in Africa with fastest internet connection based on analysis of the data from Ookla and speedtest global index

10. Seychelles

An archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, the country boost of an average broadband download speed of 36.66Mbps, 34.93Mbps average upload speed and 20 millisecond average latency. The mobile upload speed is estimated at 11 Mbps. Seychelles has two telecoms providers; Airtel Seychelles and Cable and wireless Seychells which compete for the business of the communication loving Islanders.

9. Cape Verde

With an average download speed of 36.66 Mbps for fixed broadband internet, Cape Verde ranks 9th in Africa. The average upload rate is currently averaging 34.94 Mbps and 20milliseconds latency. The quality of the internet consisting of signal fluctuations and latency. The country is very far ahead when compared to many places in Africa. In terms of mobile internet, Cape Verde enjoys an average estimated download speed of 11.2 Mbps.

8. Senegal

The country has an excellent digital telecommunications infrastructures. Internet related activities and a surge in cell phone purchases have resulted in an increase in internet services with recent years shows about 17 million internet subscribers in the country who enjoys an estimated  25.04 Mbps average mobile internet speed. In terms of broadband internet speed, the country enjoy 34.29 Mbps download speed 12.24 Mbps average upload speed and 37 milliseconds latency.

7. Madagascar

Madagascar for several years was listed among the top 3 in Africa now ranked 7th dropping several position from previous ranking. The country currently enjoys an estimated average broadband download speed of 43.59 Mbps, 45.03 Mbps average upload speed and 22 milliseconds latency. Mobile internet is however still slow in the country with the average download speed estimated at 12Mbps.

6. Morocco

Number 6 in our list is Morocco with average mobile internet speed among the fastest in Africa estimated at 41.92 Mbps. Mobile internet speed in Morocco surpasses that of African telecommunication giants such as Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya on average according to the data released by Ookla and speed test. The country is however slow broadband internet has with an average download speed estimated at 29.28 Mbps, 16.44 average upload speed and 34 milliseconds latency.

5. Mauritius

Mauritius over the decade has made incredible strides to catapult its economy towards a blossom that befits its beautiful islands and beaches. In contemporary times the nation is seen as a hub for tourism and an island loaded with opportunities. The nation which boasts of one of the countries strongest economy is also home to reliable and pacy internet connectivity. Immense efforts have seen the nation deliver accessibility to over 72% of its 1.2 million population providing an average broadband internet download speed of 38.68 Mbps to consumer. Upload speed is estimated at 14.81 Mbps and 10 millisecond latency. In terms of mobile internet the country enjoys 30.91 Mbps average download speed, 14.30Mbps upload speed and 23 milliseconds latency.

4. Côte D’Ivoire

In 2020 it was estimated that there were total of 40.36 million people connected to mobile phones internet in Côte d’Ivoire which corresponds to an average of 1.5 per person. In the expansion of broadband internet connections Côte d’Ivoire currently has about 36% of all residents with access to the internet with an average mobile download speed of 20.11 Mbps. Ivory Coast is home to one of the fastest mobile network internet connection in Africa. In terms of broadband internet the country currently enjoys an average download speed at 46.9 Mbps, 14.81 Mbps average upload speed and 31 milliseconds average latency.

3. Egypt

3rd in Africa with the fastest internet speed is Egypt which enjoy an average broadband download speed of 45.85 Mbps, 8.7Mbps average upload speed and 24 milliseconds average latency. The internet in Egypt is an important part of daily life as a majority of population has access to internet via smartphones, internet cafes or at home. Broadband internet access via Very high-speed digital subscriber line (VDSL) is widespread according to speed test market report in 2018 there were more than 29.84 million internet users in Egypt marking an internet penetration rate of 37.8%. The report explains that this number breaks down into 28.65 million mobile internet subscriptions and 4.6 million for Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL). In 2019 the Tiber one satellite was launched by Egypt to increase to increase the internet access speeds in the country.

2. Ghana

Second on our ranking for the fastest internet speed based on Ookla data is Ghana. The country enjoy an average broadband download speed of 55.39 Mbps, 35.15 Mbps average upload speed and 34 milliseconds average latency. Ghana is strong digital economy has made it a favourite location for many investors targeting Africa. With a user base of over 14 million nearly half of Ghana’s 30.4 million population has reliable internet access thus internet penetration in this West Africa nation is 46.5 although the country has one of the fastest broadband internet speed in Africa, there is more room for improvement for its mobile speed which is currently estimated at 11.79 Mbps.

  1. South Africa

South Africa which is home to the 3rd largest economy on the continent Africa after Nigeria and Egypt is ranked as number 1 in terms of fastest internet speed in Africa. Recent statistics and reports have highlighted a technological base that keeps expanding at an accelerated pace in the country. This has spurred internet accessibility over the South African nation whose average broadband speed is estimated at 55.54 Mbps. The country also enjoys an average upload speed of 40.31 Mbps and 20 milliseconds average latency. South Africa’s dominant telecommunication companies offers fibre to the home networks across the country’s major hubs driving up internet accessibility. A rapidly expanding technology base keeps South Africa on the top list with an average mobile internet speed of 50.33 Mbps. It is estimated that the country accounts for about 60% of the internet traffic generated on the African continent and boasts of the 57% internet penetration rate.


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