A National Identity Card to be used to Grant Bail in Court


Tanzania’s Chief Justice, Professor Ibrahim Juma, has directed magistrates to make bail conditions easier for Tanzanians so that they can be able to bail themselves by using the National Identity Card (NIDA) in the criminal justice system rather than relying on others.

He made the remarks at the end of a four-day working visit to the Tanga region, urging judges to abandon the paperwork system in favour of using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to facilitate the administration of justice for citizens.

When a person uses his National Identity Card to bail himself out of jail, he loses his citizenship automatically. As a result, he cannot go anywhere without that ID, and if he or she escapes, it will be easier to find him or her.

Other orders issued included a request that the court not be too quick to accept the prosecutors’ arguments for the ongoing investigation, as well as a demand that cases involving defendants who lacked bail be heard as soon as possible, with alternative punishments used.

He also urged the judges to make the court a haven for the accused, as it is the only place where he hopes to find justice under the constitution.


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