Dar es Salaam

Tanzania’s recruitment firm, BrighterMonday, has launched an employer handbook with guidelines on the best ways to deal with human resources during and after pandemics like the coronavirus.

Among other things, the handbook highlights important steps in the recruitment process, decision making, working from home and the challenges involved, the policies and necessary tools to facilitate working from home.

Also, the handbook has touched on the effective communications methods with employees, supervision of staff and human resources strategies after the coronavirus pandemic.

The handbook has been prepared as a result of a compilation of different strategies which includes information gathered from several international studies, BrighterMonday’s human resources experts and HR experts from different companies in Tanzania.

This handbook is meant to help people in the human resources sector during and after pandemics. It can be used as a guideline in work performance and to create better strategies in the working environment.

Speaking during the event to launch the handbook held on Friday, August 21st, 2020 in Dar es Salaam, the Chief Executive Officer for BrighterMonday Tanzania, Ms. Reshma Bharmal-Shariff said, “We are all aware of the bewildering challenge we went through which brought disruption to human resources management. As human resources stakeholders, we saw the need to provide curated expert advice and research insights and we want to share HR best practices that apply to the above, during this period and its aftermath.”

Ms. Reshma added that the handbook aims to assist HR practitioners with HR best practices during disruption and in the future. Also, the guide book will help in improving the working environment both for employers and employees. On the other hand, it can also help job seekers in understanding the whole recruitment process.

The BrighterMonday’s Marketing Officer, Erica Uisso said “This handbook is free for everyone and it is available in softcopy on our website. You can visit www.brightermonday.co.tz/research to download and read the handbook.”


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