Covid19 has Claimed the Lives of 65 Lawyers So Far, Says TLS


According to the TANGANYIKA Law Society (TLS) in Njombe Region, 65 advocates have died since the government reported the first COVID-19 case in March 2020.

TLS coordinator, Innocent Kibadu revealed this information at a Law Week event held at the court grounds in the Njombe region, adding that the Covid-19 effects not only ended in taking the lives of the loved ones but also extensively impacted the economic well-being of the private advocates and their families saying that 65 lawyers died.

Speaking on behalf of the Njombe Regional Commissioner, Njombe District Commissioner Kissa Kasongwa stated that the community should stop being sceptical of vaccines because they are safe for humans.

“The vaccines are available at all vaccination centres; it is safe; get vaccinated to be safe,” he explained.

On March 16, 2020, the country’s first Covid-19 patient was reported, and the government imposed a variety of prevention and containment measures.
Also, Tanzania received over 1 million Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses from the United States in July 2021.


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