News has been circulating on social media for the past 24 hours regarding the interview of Diamond Platnumz, a prominent Tanzanian singer and East African music icon, by the Recording Academy about his music career and endeavors.

The Recording Academy is an American-leaning academy of musicians, producers, recording engineers, and other musical professionals. It is famous for its Grammy Awards, which recognize achievements in the music industry.

The interview, titled Diamond Platnumz Talks Growing Up In Tanzania & Breaking Into American Popular Music makes Diamond the first East African artist to be interviewed by the American Recording Academy which has now expanded globally.

In the interview, Diamond has talked about his music history, on the Bongofleva music genre, his commercial success, and the songs that he has collaborated with the world’s greatest artists from the United States including the most recent one with Alicia Keys, Wasted Energy, which is featured in her latest album, ALICIA.

The whole idea of Diamond Platnumz being interviewed by the Grammys has brought about incredible excitement to his fans in Tanzania, East Africa, Africa, and beyond. Fans have shared the news on WhatsApp chat groups, massively retweeted the interview post on Grammy’s official Twitter account, spread the good news to close ones, and expressed their inner-most feelings by reposting it on their personal accounts online. This feat seems to be a huge success, considering that global stages like Grammy’s had nothing to do with African music, well…until recently.

What Does the Interview Foretell?

Tanzania Updates is trying to figure out if there is anything behind this interesting move by the Recording Academy ahead of its 2021 Grammy Awards Ceremony. The question is why now? Why all the spotlight on Diamond Platnumz?

Maybe it is not a big deal. Either way, Diamond deserved to sit down for the interview because he is undoubtedly a major star in Africa. Recently, YouTube recognized him as the first Sub-Saharan African artist to hit 1 billion views. So some may argue, why not?

However, the Grammy’s attention is a dream for every artist not only from Tanzania or Africa, but every musician across the world. Grammys are a big deal for musicians, and even mentions by the Academy would do for most, let alone being nominated or awarded by it.

But why all that admiration for the Grammys? The Grammy Award, or just Grammy, is an award presented by the Recording Academy to the outstanding musicians across the world to recognize their achievements in the music industry. It is arguably one of the most prestigious awards for musicians in the world.

Considering Diamond Platnumz’s success and influence, which spans beyond music, to politics, business, and the media in Tanzania and across Africa, Tanzania Updates suspects the interview is just a road towards Diamond’s nomination for the next Grammy Awards ceremony, which is set to be held on January 31, 2021.

Who is Diamond Platnumz?

Nasibu Abdul Juma, born 2nd October 1989 is a Bongo Flavor recording artist from Tanzania. He is popularly known by his stage name Diamond Platnumz or simply Diamond. Raised in Tandale by a single mother and grandmother, his childhood was faced with many challenges and obstacles due to financial constraints and family hardships. Nasibu managed to stay humble, with a vision and a dream that gave him strength, having the will and passion, positive approach and never doubted for a moment but to follow his

Upon completing his secondary education in 2006, Nasibu endured pursuing his dream but found himself struggling to raise money for studio sessions and providing for his single mother and grandmother. He went from freelance photographer to selling second-hand clothes to a gas filling station attendant. He eventually made the difficult decision to secretly sell his mother’s gold ring to record his first single. The song was not an immediate hit but it opened doors for him and marked the beginning of his journey as a bongo flavor artist.

Today Diamond is the most influential artist in Tanzania, East, and Central Africa. A family man, father of four children, businessman, philanthropist, entertainer, and a mentor. Diamond is one of the list of highest-earning artists in Africa. To him, reaching this level is not merely by chance but through hard work and dedication.

Diamond has had several hit songs, including “Number One,” featuring Nigerian artist Davido, Marry you featuring American Grammy Award Winning Artist, Neyo to African Beauty, and Waka featuring Omarion and Rick Ross respectively. He won numerous awards at Channel O, MTV Awards, Soundcity, Kilimanjaro Music Awards, Headies, Afrima, Afrimma, Kora, AEA, the HiPipo Music Awards, and more.

Diamond is jointly managed by Sallam Ahmed Sharaff (Sallam SK), Hamisi Shaban Taletale (Babu Tale), and Saidi Hassan Mlinge (Mkubwa Fella) and is signed under WCB Wasafi, the Record Label that he formed 8 years ago.

He is currently the Founder and CEO at Wasafi Record Label, Wasafi TV and Radio and Zoom Extra.


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