GSM Withdraws from Tanzania Premier League Co-Sponsorship


GSM Company announced its withdrawal from the Mainland Premier League’s co-sponsorship today, February 7, 2022.

It should be noted that GSM Company agreed to sponsor the Premier League in mainland Tanzania with a 2.5 billion bet.

Simba SC was strongly opposed to the sponsorship, while all 16 other Premier League clubs in mainland Tanzania supported it; however, GSM has resigned and is no longer a sponsor.

Today, GSM Company stated that the TFF and League Board failed to meet the Contract requirements, which resulted in the withdrawal.

It is unclear what these contractual requirements are that the TFF and League Board have failed to meet until the contract is terminated.

However, one of the contract’s terms required all clubs to wear the sponsor’s logo on one side of the shoulder in the jersey, and the Simba SC were the only team that had not done so.

Another request was for the Co-Banners sponsor’s to be displayed on the field, but Simba SC was vehemently opposed and did not include the posters in their matches.


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