The position we occupy in our lineup of siblings gives us some very particular traits. Here’s what you can expect if you’re seeing someone who’s the youngest sibling in their family.

They can handle life better. Since they are the last born in the family, they get the opportunity to observe their siblings and parents make mistakes and learn from them. So when it’s their turn to go about a particular task, they know what NOT to do because they’ve seen their family member in that situation.

They (annoyingly) need you to treat them with kid gloves from time to time. So, as a partner, you need to be careful that they don’t feel neglected or else you’ll land in trouble. Of course, we understand fighting for attention isn’t healthy, but that’s how things have been for them.

They’re extra-dependent because not only do they have parents to take care of them but also siblings. They aren’t the type not to stop and ask for directions, and you love them for it. The youngest kids grew up around a network of people who were better at everything. If they needed to know how to do something they could ask their older sibling for the answer. They were never expected to be the know-it-alls so it’s easy for them to ask for help.

They are immune to insults and can be numb to it. They learnt to do this over time because they’ve grown up with older siblings who love troubling and teasing them.

They enjoy breaking the rules. Parents tend to be strict with the oldest child but by the time the youngest comes along they get lax on enforcing the rules. Youngest siblings grow up thinking that rules are flexible or that they don’t apply to them. Your partner probably has a mischievous side, indulge it everyone once in awhile by skinny dipping or sneaking into a movie.

They’re used to getting away with things. They’re the baby of the family, so at any given point if they commit a mistake, they have someone or the other to take care of it on their behalf.

They can get extremely possessive about you. What belongs to them, belongs to them. End of story!

They’re hard to hold down and can rebel if you try to do so. They’re free birds and like it that way.

You realize they’re a little naive. Everyone, the entire family, is concerned about them. They’re used to people having the best intentions and looking out for them.

The last and the most important point. You dare not hurt them or you’ll have to deal with an entire army aka family. Even if your partner is an adult, he/she is still the apple of their eyes.


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