The election of Donald Trump was more a rejection of Hillary Clinton candidature than his candidacy overall acceptance. Most voters in the rusty belt states starting with Pennsylvania – Joe Biden birthplace, Wisconsin, Michigan among others that sealed Trump’s unlikely presidential election victory had later confessed of what was summed up as “… Anything but Hillary.”

Trump knew it was Joe Biden gonna run against so we can understand why the Ukrainian mudslinging was risked but did backfire and out of his silliness Trump got himself impeached. It is also imperative to note no President in the US history has ever been impeached in his first term making his impeachment uniquely significant because voters will have such a rare opportunity to weigh in too determining between the Democrats led Congress and the Republicans led Senate was upright, to a fault.. So apart from Trump both congressional houses are on trial by voters in November with one of them exonerated and the other rebuked for impeaching Trump or getting him off the hook patting him on the back with the controversial acquittal. .. If Trump loses in November the Congress is innocent and the Senate guilty of partisanship abuse of power and public office and the vice versa is equally true.. The ramifications will also be reflected on who controls both houses between the two parties.. 

Trump plotted to politically cash in on the economic boom bequeathed by the Obama administration but then Coronavirus had other ideas..

Trump attempted to spiel up the Bernie Sanders nomination urging his supporters to vote for him overwhelmingly in states conferring primaries rather than caucuses where any registered voter can vote regardless of party affiliations.

This too backfired as Democrats saw that self defeating stratagem and eagerly endorsed Joe Biden who is now Democrats putative presidential nominee in waiting

So without a plausible election banner and facing the most formidable candidate in his short political life, we can now safely say Trump’s goose is cooked already.. So penning down his political obituary is by no means a misplaced hope but a concerted effort grounded upon proven findings. 

Trump first legislative agenda was to erase Obama legacy which was spurred by racism more than an angst to maintain social injustice status quo. The Obamacare was a boon to socioeconomic poor Americans as it doled out to them a legal path to access medical care at manageable costs with significant federal government subsidies. So Trump legislative efforts were estopped by moderate Republicans such as the late Senator of Arizona John McCain who never nursed a grudge losing to Obama in 2008. No wonder Arizona is most likely to flip to Joe Biden closing all real and imaginary path for Trump electoral college triumph despite a poorly held secret he is gonna lose the popular vote for the second time.. 

Paradoxically, Trump promised to replace Obama signature legislation with what he carelessly dubbed “… Something better!” but never ushered in any rival Healthcare policy option! It is ironic Coronavirus is now dictating the terms of the Trump ill feted administration as he is attempting to widen the scope and reach of the Obamacare, which he had attempted to revoke, to bring more “the uninsured poor Americans” as a key component to fend off the contagion! No wonder latest gallop polls have shown more than 67% of the person of color in America perceive Trump as a racist… 

Coronavirus has wiped out any pretence to economic boom as everybody now is looking up to the federal government for some sort of an economic bailout the bigger the operations the bigger the demand to lessen the economic downturn a gratitude of lock down, self quarantine and fears of the unknown that had all but been shutting down the largest economy in global history! 

But can Trump run as a steady hand to manage a crisis of such gargantuan pandemic proportions as Coronavirus? Probably not, because he lacks empathy and charisma. He is that atypical guy preset in confrontational mode festooning with belligerent skills whose expiry date has just been fully exhausted.. Equally worthy of note, brute force has its screeching limits too.. Coronavirus management suits Joe Biden who is oozing out with infectious empathy, charisma and humility even to be most loyal to the first ever black president Barack Hussein Obama.. So where there is rust Joe Biden drops oil to lubricate the sniffles but Trump locks in a spanner and brutally breaks not only the rusty nail but his muscular hand too.. 

So, we can safely now declare by circumstances beyond his control Trump is destined to one term presidency

We know he will not go quietly without putting up a fight but it will be pursuing vanities and vexing of his spirit.

NB: This opinion was shared online by Rutashubanyuma


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