Reginald Mengi’s widow wins inheritance case on appeal


According to The Citizen, the widow of media tycoon Reginald Mengi cleared another hurdle in her fight for control of the deceased’s estate after the Court of Appeal dismissed objections filed by the estate administrators.

Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe Mengi and her two children petitioned the Court of Appeal to overturn a High Court decision that annulled Mengi’s will, which excluded other children from inheritance.

However, the trustees of the estate, Abdiel Reginald Mengi (son of Mengi from his first wife) and Benjamin Abraham Mengi (Mengi’s brother), try to block the application from being heard.

The trustees asked the court to dismiss Jacqueline’s application shortly after she filed it, claiming that it was filed unlawfully.

They claimed that the applicants should have appealed rather than submitted a review application and that they had failed to attach the required documents.
The court, however, rejected the arguments and agreed to hear the petition for review.


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