Rodjazz, the rising music talent to watch in 2022


Rodgers George, popularly known as Rodjazz, is a new rising star in Tanzania’s music industry. The 25 years old R&B singer has debuted in the market by releasing the first extended playlist (EP) dubbed “Barua ya Mapenzi” (The Love Letter in English).

The debut EP, which features five R&B and soul blended songs, was officially released on 7th February 2022. Asilimia 100, Oksijeni, Rudi, Upo Moyoni and Barua ya Mapenzi make up the EP. His music is already available on all major digital music streaming platforms around the world, including but not limited to YouTube, Audiomack, Boomplay, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal, Instagram, and TikTok.

Speaking to Tanzania Daily, Rodjazz described his EP as the artistic composition and expression of traditional African realities that complicate co-existence among lovers.

“Through this EP, I have tried to capture and artistically portray the realities of the traditional African young when it comes to love affairs. Its lyrics elicit a range of emotions, from admiration to rejection to embracement to letting go,” said Rodjazz.

Apart from his vocals and songwriting capabilities, one of the unique things that music fans have quickly noticed so far about Rodjazz is his appearance. On a cover of his EP and his social media, Rodjazz appears as a traditional Maasai young man clad in Maasai attires. Another interesting part of the Barua ya Mapenzi EP cover is the girl on the cover. Contrary to Rodjazz’s portrayal, the girl on the cover appears to be the modern African urban girl clad in a red min dress, high heels, and the look that represents modernity. On the cover, Rodjazz seems to beg the girl to receive his love letter.

Commenting on his appearance and the creativity used for his EP cover, Rodjazz insisted his Maasai look was driven by the desire to represent the African lifestyle in the globalized world.

 “All my songs in the EP carry the message of love as it happens in the reality of many young people in Tanzania, Africa, and other parts of the world. They describe how lovers can be separated for a variety of reasons, including communication barriers, geographical dispersion, economic hardship, and lifestyle change. As for my Maasai appearance, this is a creative way of portraying the traditional life of young men in Africa. I am not a Maasai by tribe, but the Maasai appearance is the way to show how the power of love can touch anyone in society regardless of their social classes.” Explained Rodjazz in a grinning face.

The Citizen probed him about his aspirations in a music career and whom he is looking up to as an inspiration in his career future. Rodjazz said that apart from being pushed by his own talent, he has also seen a great need for music content that carries a variety of concepts touching everyday human life.

“My desire to make an impact in the community through my music talent has been my great inspiration to diving in the music industry. Music is the most widely understood language in the world, regardless of religious, geographical, cultural, economic, political, and racial differences. My vision is to create content that will educate, entertain, and unite people.” Said Rodjazz.

Rodjazz is currently signed under Bytes Music – a talent management firm based in Tanzania. You can listen to his music on the platform of your choice and take your time to rate his talent.


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