Russia-Ukraine crisis: Zanzibar offers temporary shelter to 900 stranded tourists on their way back to Ukraine


Dr Hussein Mwinyi, President of Zanzibar, stated that they had begun discussions with Zanzibar hoteliers to see how they could assist Ukrainian tourists stranded in the island.

Speaking to journalists and media editors as he does every month, President stated that there are about 900 tourists in Zanzibar who are unable to return to their home country due to the country’s ongoing war.

The tourists have asked the government for assistance in finding them a place to stay during this time because they have exhausted their subsistence funds and cannot afford hotel expenses.

As a result, the President of Zanzibar has stated that they are speaking with hotel owners about how they will be able to provide unpaid assistance until the Ukrainian government assists.

“We are considering how we can assist them until their government intervention. However, the government is also looking at those who own hotels in terms of taxation, so we are talking about the fact that we see the need to assist,” President Hussein said.”

Despite this, Zanzibar Tourism Minister Leila Mohammed stated that humanitarian aid is still being provided, although some tourists’ stay on the island had already ended.

Ukraine has been at war with Russia for 5 days, with thousands of people reported killed and many victims, including women, the elderly, and children.


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