The video ‘Baby Shark’ has become the first to receive 10 billion views on YouTube

Image: Courtesy

The irresistible earworm treasured by some youngsters and dreaded by their parents, “Baby Shark,” has reached a new milestone: 10 billion views on YouTube.

Not only is it the most-viewed video on the website, a record it achieved in November 2020, but it’s also the only video on the site to surpass 10 billion views, according to YouTube, which verified the news to CNN.

The children’s song, created by South Korean educational firm Pinkfong and sung by Korean-American singer Hope Segoine, premiered in 2016 and became a viral smash in Asia before becoming a worldwide hit in 2019.

The most-watched video on YouTube has two genuine youngsters doing the “Baby Shark Dance” while the eponymous cartoon shark and his family – including a mustachioed “Grandpa Shark” – swim serenely and subsequently try to hunt the children. They fail, though, and the youngsters rejoice in their safety while the sharks watch from a distance, forks in fin.

Pinkfong’s US CEO Bin Jeong told CNN in 2019 that the firm hadn’t anticipated the footage to become viral so quickly, stating, “the ones who produce it, do it on their own.”

Pinkfong welcomed youngsters from all around the globe to share their “Baby Shark Dance moments” with the firm to commemorate the most recent “special milestone.”


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