Diamond Platnumz, the WCB artist and owner, has stated that he is barred from travelling abroad without a government permit, with the National Arts Council (BASATA).

Diamond stated as much in an interview with Wasafi FM.

“I think it is something for Wasafi signed artists, we are not allowed to go beyond the airport without a permit from the authorities,”

“The moment I get there I am told I am supposed to have a permit which costs Sh50,000,” he went on.

The father of four further alleges that he is forced to get the permit even when travelling for non-business matters, such as visiting his children in South Africa.

Tanzania’s National Arts Council (BASATA) has, however, disputed Diamond’s claims that the requirement has been imposed on Wasafi artists, stating that it is standard policy for all artists travelling abroad for performances.

“There is no way a law can be enacted for just a certain individual, all artistes travelling abroad for performances are required to obtain a permit from BASATA at a fee of Sh50,000,” the council’s acting Secretary-General Matiko Mniko told local media.


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