In Tanzania, there is a popular belief that ‘Mapenzi hayaeleweki, hayana mwalimu wala kocha’ meaning ‘Love has no formula, teacher nor has an instructor’.

It is strongly believed in the country that you cannot learn how to handle your relationship issues from a third-part. Not even picking a piece of advice. Precisely, everybody here submits to the idea that when you are in love, you are on your own!

Contrary to the truth, all of us can fetch professional opinions about romantic affairs from experts and experienced fellows. Besides, academicians and other research people have done a great work in finding solutions for this question called LOVE.

Everyone wants his/her relationship to work. Be it marriage, or just a close relationship with his/her significant other. But how? that remains a puzzling question to many.

Regardless of what a relationship is going through now, here are some tips to be considered for every relationship to last long. Well, at least for the serious ones.

A Ton Of Sex 

Some people don’t like to admit it, but sex is an important part of a relationship. You might notice that issues or a lack of connection in a relationship happen at the same time as periods where sexual intimacy are few and far between. When we are sexually satisfied, we are able to tolerate a lot more in a relationship because it’s one of our basic and necessary needs as people.

Knowing How To Argue

Being able to argue well is essential. You need to be able to trust one another enough to feel comfortable revealing the ugly side of you. For example, you should be able to get in an argument with your significant other and trust that they won’t go to social media and write a post about your argument.

More Investment

In my experience, there needs to be an ample amount of investment into the relationship from both parties. The more you put in to something the more obligated you feel to stay committed to it.

Make It A Priority

The relationship will start to crumble if it isn’t made a priority from both parties. I’ve learned this in previous relationships. A relationship isn’t something you can just have on the side and expect it to function well on its own. Much like you would take care of a newborn child, you need to have dedicated time specifically for your relationship. Spending quality time together, checking in, doing nice things for one another, and finding ways to build and grow as a unit.

Lack of Growth

Relationships can go stale when there is a lack of forward progress. It gets boring. You can’t expect to have a long lasting and exciting relationship if all you do every day is just sit on a couch and watch Netflix. It’s important to make efforts to grow as people together. It can be as simple as taking a class to learn a new skill like pottery or a new language.

Some advice in this article are borrowed from Quora. You can add yours and Tanzania Updates will update.


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