Tips of ‘Sliding into Babe’s DMs’ Like a Pro


The DM slide is a well-known move. When done correctly, it’s a shortcut to intimacy and an excellent way to escalate banter for dating, friendship, or flirting. When done incorrectly, it constitutes an invasion of privacy. 

A DM slide is the act of slipping into someone’s Twitter or Instagram Direct Messages inbox with the intent of engaging in some private banter. It’s a way to discreetly move an otherwise public conversation into the one-on-one territory. 

It usually happens between two people who are following each other, so you should be relatively safe from total strangers. Except, of course, for those brave souls who leave their DMs open, implying that the approach could come from anyone.  

  • Before Sliding in Make Sure Your Profile Is Clean 

Everyone’s first instinct after receiving a DM is to look up the sender’s profile. First impressions are everything, so delete anything that might be a turn-off (for example, pictures with your ex-girlfriend). 

Be yourself, but keep in mind that she will scroll all the way through your profile. Take appropriate action. 

  • Your First Sentence Should be Solid 

Check that your icebreaker is on point. Certain greetings, such as “Hi baby,” “Good morning, my angel,” and “Hi love,” may go unanswered. 

Why? The lady probably has no idea you like that yet. Don’t be too quick to shower her with compliments. 

  • No Wack Handles/Names 

If your name, ID or handle is anything as ridiculous as the following @Issapesandefu @Juma071892879988 @Chapuo 

you won’t make it with her, and several ladies will agree with me  

on this one. 

  • Do not Just Say “Hey” 

Sending a DM out of the blue that simply says “hi” is akin to saying nothing and is likely to be completely ignored. Wait for her to share something that gives you a legitimate reason to slide into her DMs instead. Perhaps she posts an Instagram story in a restaurant or tweets about a song—now you have a natural conversation starter. 

A little thought put into your message can go a long way. 

  • Do not use abbreviations like a college student. 

You must not say: “Yo in Mwanza rn 2? I’m hr until Saturday.” I wu lyk 2 catch up. 

Instead, go this way. “You’re in Mwanza right now too? I’m here until Saturday. I’d like to catch up. 

  • Examine the Mood 

In this case, trust your instincts. Resist the urge to send follow-up DMs if she doesn’t respond or leaves you with a “seen” receipt. You’ll look like a creep, and she’ll most likely screenshot your desperate attempts at flirting in order to make her friends laugh. 

  • Humor and Wit Always Win 

Pick something you know they like, then send something goofy. You can take a look at their profile to figure out what they’re interested in, like books, TV shows, or movies. Then, search the web for a funny meme that might break the ice. You’ll get them laughing and (hopefully) spark a great conversation! 

  • Give out Your Number to Continue the Convo 

Most people prefer to talk on the phone before meeting in person. If that’s your goal, give them your phone number so you can text for a while before meeting up. Don’t put any pressure on them; simply tell them you enjoyed talking with them and would like to continue your conversation elsewhere. The ball is then in their court. Say something like this: 

“I really liked talking to you. Here’s my number if you wanna chat again.” 

“You’re really funny, and you seem super cool. I’d love to talk more; here’s  my number.” 

DM Don’ts 

There are unwritten rules that govern the art of DM sliding, the majority of which we learned the hard way. You do so at your own risk. 

  • No Compliments (Yet) 

There are no fire emojis, heart eyes, or the ever-popular “You’re hot” emojis. That’s DM sliding material for a newbie. This includes whack pickup lines as well. Don’t be a wuss. Begin a conversation like a true gentleman. 

  •  No Excessively Long Response Times 

You may believe that waiting four hours between messages creates romantic tension, but in reality, you are wasting both of your time. We’re all aware that we constantly check our phones, so let’s skip the game and get right to the point. 

  • No Selfies Allowed 

She already knows what you look like based on your social media profile, so selfies are unnecessary (also awkward and creepy). 

  • No Dick Pictures 

If you’re trying to impress a woman, this data should make you reconsider taking a picture of your penis. 

Conclusion: Don’t over-do it 

“Finally, keep it casual… or you’ll lose me at ‘hello.”’ 

What do you think of these rules? Let’s know in the comment section below. 


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