What Tanzania has said thus far concerning the record-breaking Tanzanian ruby that lands in Dubai for auction


“The Ministry of Minerals received word via social media that a ruby mineral weighing 2.8 kilograms and valued at $ 120 million (Tsh 240 billion) will be auctioned off after Ramadan.”

Tanzania is said to be the origin of the stone. Following receipt of the information, the Ministry of Natural Resources took immediate action to determine whether the information is correct and whether the gemstone originated in Tanzania.

Because this gemstone has crossed borders and is now in another country, the information we have gathered will aid in providing accurate information to your esteemed legislature. This information pertains to the countries of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Dubai, and the United States (California), where the current owner of the stone resides.

We’ve been communicating with our ambassadors since yesterday (Wednesday). Let me assure you, Hon. Speaker (Dr. Tulia Ackson), that we are looking for documents to determine whether the stone is from Tanzania, the value and origin of the gemstone, and the sales documents between the current and previous owners, and we will bring a report to your esteemed parliament.

If it is our stone, I assure Tanzanians that they will receive what is rightfully theirs in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and procedures in order for this resource to benefit the country —- Dr. Steven Kiruswa, Deputy Minister of Minerals, addressed Parliament in Dodoma in response to a supplementary question from Mkulanga MP Dunstan Kitandula (CCM).

Kitandula enquired as to how Tanzania would benefit from the coming up Dubai stone auction.

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