Why Tanzanian boxer ‘Mwakinyo’ stripped of his African title?


Tanzanian boxer Hassan Hamza, also known as Mwakinyo, has had his Super-Welterweight Title by Africa Boxing Union (ABU) stripped after failing to defend it within six months of winning it.

The removal of the crown comes just a few months after the World Boxing Federation stripped him of the Intercontinental title in January.

Mwakinyo won the super-welterweight title in May of last year after defeating Muangola Maiala Antonio.

ABU knocked Mwakinyo off the championship list, relegating him to third place in the super welterweight division, which is led by Wale Omotoso of Nigeria and second by Patrick Alotey of Ghana.

Responding to the matter, the secretary-general of the Tanzania Professional Boxing Regulatory Commission, Yahya Poli, said Mwakinyo was supposed to defend the ABU title within six months of winning it, and the decision was taken by ABU is according to the sport’s rules.

Mwakinyo no longer has the championship title he once held. Despite being stripped of the title, he is still ranked 14th in the world in his super welterweight division.


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