Works on the construction of the New Wami Bridge has reached 45 percent, the length of the bridge is 510 meters, and the width is 11.5 meters.

According to the information released by the Ministry of Works, Transportation, and Communication, the construction cost of the project is Tanzanian Shillings 67.8 billion, which is 100 percent financed by the government, and it is expected to be completed in September 2021.

Wami Bridge is a bridge in Bagamoyo District that crosses the Wami River. It connects the highway between Chalinze and Segera junctions.

The contract for the construction of the New Wami Bridge was signed between the government of Tanzania and the Chinese contractor, Power Construction Corporation on June 28, 2018.

The contruction will involve the linking of roads to the bridge that will have 3.82 kilometers in an attempt to connect the new bridge with the Chalinze-Segera highway.

Before official commencement of the construction the feasibilty study and detailed design for the new bridge was carried out in March 2016.

The current bridge in the Wami River was constructed by the British colonial government. It is 88.75 meters long and located in the middle of sharp corners, steep slopes and unsafe curves. This has been the cause of so many accidents that occur at the bridge and within its approaches. The bridge is dangerously known for its narrowness that allows one vehicle to pass at a time.

Wami Bridge is a key feature in the economic development in Tanzania linking Dar es Salaam with other regions to the north. The bridge has over the years proved to be incapable of withstanding heavy weights of vehicles. Experts say the new bridge at Wami will avoid the unsafe curves and steep slopes for safety enhancement.


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